COVERAGE for your entire family

Call a Doctor Any Time, Any Where!

With Telehealth you have access to American Board Certified Doctors who are licensed in your state and available 24/7 to your entire household. Telehealth is not intended to replace your current doctor, it simply supplements your insurance to lower co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses. And if you don’t have insurance, Telehealth is guaranteed access to medical care when you need it most for only 50 cents a day! 



Why TeleHealth is a great option for you.


With health care costs continuing to rise many insurance companies are cracking down on ER visits and what they choose to cover. Patients with pre-existing conditions are losing coverage, or not being approved in the first place. This coverage is available to EVERYONE, with or without insurance, and for pennies on the dollar of traditional care.


The American Medical Association (AMA) states that 70% of doctor’s office visits can be handled over the phone. TeleHealth can cover those types of visits at no additional charge to the patient from the comfort of their own home. They get the care that they need with no co-pay and no missed work. 

Covers many common conditions

TeleHealth doctors specialize in family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and more! They can treat many common conditions from sinus infections and UTI’s to pink eye and arthritic pain. Even if you are fighting allergies or an ear infection, you have full access. Prescriptions can be provided and sent to your local pharmacy if needed.   


When it’s after hours on a weekend night, or if you are traveling away from home and don’t know the area, you can feel secure knowing that you can access a Doctor from anywhere, at anytime! Most TeleHealth users report getting a call back from a doctor within 30 minutes of initiating the request. It’s quality medical care when you need it most!

TeleHealth…the FUTURE is NOW!


Benefits of TeleHealth


Request a consultation to access a doctor from
anywhere, at anytime. No Consultation Fee. No worries about being away on vacation or traveling somewhere that you are out of network. 

OPEN 24 Hours

Doctors are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pick up a phone and you will be speaking directly to a doctor! Guaranteed access to medical care… 15 minutes average call back,  1-hour guaranteed.


Just sign in and have your visit.
No more germy waiting rooms.
ON DEMAND access when you need it. 



Doctors can provide a prescription for the majority of common illnesses. If needed, they can call into your local pharmacy, or if traveling and you forget your meds they can help with temporary refills. 

Did You Know?

It has been said that only 7% of Americans trust health insurance companies. With plans constantly changing and coverage decreasing, it’s no wonder the growth of TeleHealth.

The AMA predicts that the demand for virtual urgent care will be doubling in the next years. You desire the convenience and cost savings. Don’t wait! Sign up now to start taking advantage of this offering for your entire household!


How it Works

How YOU ACCESS a DOCTOR 24/7/365

You won’t believe how easy it is to set up your account and start having access to the medical care you need. All for only $14.95 a month for your entire household! No more late night ER visits…. not more weekend urgent care waiting rooms. You will be able to reach a Doctor anytime, anywhere.

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